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posted Dec 23, 2016, 5:37 AM by WEB MASTER
AbstractThis paper proposes to find out the investment efficiency of an associative unit in vegetables processing and trading field. For this, a scenario by 100% loan is taken into consideration. This research focuses on broth, tomatoes juice, pickled cucumbers, pickled cabbage, assorted pickles and seedlings, also on how cooperation in processing and trading can determine efficiency, leading to an increasing level of development of unit. In this order, an economic and financial analysis was necessary. Indicators such as production, incomes and expenditures have been studied. The paper consists into the establishment of a processing vegetables to extend their life, mitigate seasonality of supply of vegetables and get products with higher value added that consumer demand; establishing a network for collecting local vegetables, supply of raw materials for the processing vegetables; providing storage and marketing services for cooperative members. As financial objectives, in this project, machinery and equipment for processing vegetables were purchased; the purchase of land for the location of the vegetables making factory and warehouse The obtained results show a positive investment result.

Keywords: management, associative units, investment, vegetables

JEL classification: Q13
Dec 23, 2016, 5:37 AM