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1. Raluca Andreea ION „Models for short vegetables` chain”
2. Iuliana DOBRE „Investment management in associative units” 
3. Ancuța MARIN „Short chain – a solution for current capitalization of vegetable production” 
4. Ancuța MARIN „Influence of environmental factors – temperature and precipitations – upon the tomatoes crops”


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Abstract The paper presents models for short chains of vegetables, considering integration as the main mechanism of coordination agents’ activities on the chain. Among other mechanisms, such as subsidies system, price, contracts, horizontal and vertical integration, the latter has been chosen because, as other research show, it provides the highest performance for operators of agro-food system. The research question is how efficient are activities of vegetables’ chain in this particular form of integrated operations of collecting vegetables, store and process them into cans and sell them to the market in a single economic unit. The objective of the research is to assess business’ efficiency. In achieving this purpose, economic data regarding investment, production, revenues and expenses have been analysed, for an associative form of processing and selling vegetables, which develops such a business. The results show that investment is feasible, because revenues are higher than expenses, the rate of return is 22.6 per cent, and the return of investment is ten years, less than the machineries’ period of operation. The model can be implemented by farmers who want to apply for structural funds and to develop, as such, their business in the direction of integrating activities down-stream the chain. 

Key words short chain, vegetables, efficiency, integration 

JEL classification: Q13


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AbstractThis paper proposes to find out the investment efficiency of an associative unit in vegetables processing and trading field. For this, a scenario by 100% loan is taken into consideration. This research focuses on broth, tomatoes juice, pickled cucumbers, pickled cabbage, assorted pickles and seedlings, also on how cooperation in processing and trading can determine efficiency, leading to an increasing level of development of unit. In this order, an economic and financial analysis was necessary. Indicators such as production, incomes and expenditures have been studied. The paper consists into the establishment of a processing vegetables to extend their life, mitigate seasonality of supply of vegetables and get products with higher value added that consumer demand; establishing a network for collecting local vegetables, supply of raw materials for the processing vegetables; providing storage and marketing services for cooperative members. As financial objectives, in this project, machinery and equipment for processing vegetables were purchased; the purchase of land for the location of the vegetables making factory and warehouse The obtained results show a positive investment result.

Keywords: management, associative units, investment, vegetables

JEL classification: Q13


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 Summary: Vegetables market is one of the most important sectors of the global economy is an area characterized by multiple contradictions. According to contract concluded with MARD ICEADR runs from 2015- 2018, ADER project 16.1.2 - "Models of development of short chains for the capitalization of vegetable production on primary production- services - storage - processing - sales market." Project falls under the the objectives of Sectorial Program ADER on mechanization and automation of processes in agriculture and development of conditioning systems - storage -processing of Romanian agricultural products. Among the project objectives are included: stimulating farmers to association / cooperation presenting them the opportunities by organizing a survey among the most important vegetable growing counties. The purpose of this paper is to identify the problems faced by small and medium producers of vegetable and highlighting their opinions to formulate proposals for the effective realization of vegetable production.

Keywords: short chain, vegetable growers, production of vegetables, subsidies


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Summary: The diversified way of consumption of tomatoes and versatility of the species that can be grown with good results in different environmental conditions and climate have determined a particular interest for the vegetable producers. Current conceptions about balanced nutrition, grant tomato consumption a priority position, primarily because tomatoes ensures to human body a wide range of vitamins, minerals and water, so necessary for normal physiological activity of the human body. In the present paper I will present a comparative analysis of the temperature and precipitations in the period 2009-2015, during the growing period (March-September) for field tomato crops, and their influence on production. The purpose of the paper is to make some recommendations that could be useful to our vegetable growers who choose to cultivate tomatoes in field.

Keywords: culture, temperatures, precipitation, production, tomatoes.

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