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posted Dec 23, 2016, 5:33 AM by WEB MASTER
 Abstract. According to the General Agricultural Census the agricultural area utilized in agriculture consist 1.941.400 ha. At the same time, abandoned agricultural area was 246.900 ha, of which 60.600 ha, or 24.5%, belonging firms and 186.300 ha, or 75.5% - individual persons. Neglected land is abandoned for several reasons. More and more lands are abandoned by people who go abroad. But those who remain in the country are not able to work, they are elderly, have no financial resources to support their own land. Abandonment of agricultural land is a problem for adjacent land owners. This contributes to long-term increase the vulnerability of soil and there is a source of spread the weeds and creating conditions of outbreaks of diseases and pests of agricultural plants. There are lands which it state is not determined from 1992-1994. It is not clear what level of degradation of these soils. In order to redress the situation is necessary to implement the measures on maintain and improve an efficient land management, at republican, regional and local level, based on land consolidation, land monitoring, implementation activities directed towards the land protection and sustainable development of agriculture in Moldova.

Key words: abandoned land, agriculture, soil degradation, sustainable development

JEL Classification: Q01, Q15, Q24
Dec 23, 2016, 5:33 AM