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Papers 2016

1. Monica Mihaela TUDOR „Evaluation of rural competitiveness- Case study Romania”
2. TAKÁCS ISTVÁN, TAKÁCS-GYÖRGY KATALIN „Challenges, chances, alternatives for SMEs (and the theory of „de growth”)”
3. Cristian C. MERCE, Emilian MERCE, Cristina Bianca POCOL„Farm size and profitability - The village as collateral factor”
4. Alexandru SIPICĂ, Bogdan FURDUESCU „Implementation risk analysis of cloud computing technologies at farm level”
5. Olga SHIK, Alexandru STRATAN, Anatolie IGNAT, Eugenia LUCASENCO “Evaluation of agricultural support in the Republic of Moldova”
6. Gavrilescu CAMELIA, Cristian KEVORCHIAN “An analysis of the Romanian agri-food international trade expansion during the post-accession period”
7. Al Mahammad JAGHAYEF, Raluca NECULA, Diana NECULA „The analysis of the main indicators evolution of social and economic development in the Arab Republic of Syria, period 1960-2014”
8. Alexandru SIPICĂ, Bogdan FURDUESCU „The agriculture business performance by migrating to cloud services of informational structures”
9. Codrin DINU VASILIU, Lucian TANASĂ, Ioan Sebastian BRUMĂ „Integrated web systems as strategic solutions for (successfully) branding the rural boarding houses”
10 Aurel LUP, Liliana MIRON, Alim Indira DENIZ “Politics and strategies of land reclamation. Historical retrospective and perspectives”

1. Viorica GAVRILĂ „Evolution of agrarian structures in Romania” 
2. Tamara LEAH „Abandoned land: a barrier for sustainable development of agriculture of the Republic of Moldova” 
3. Ana-Ruxandra MICU, Dana REBEGA, Gabriela GIMBĂȘANU „Analysis on the situation of farms in the context of completing the first programming period (2007-2013)” 
4. Ana-Gabriela BABUCEA, Aniela BĂLĂCESCU “Analysis of the concentration in growth potential of organic agriculture at the level of EU member states” 
5. Steliana RODINO, Alina BUŢU, Marian BUŢU „Overview on organic agriculture of Romania in the context of the current European development model” 
6. HUSSEIN ALI HUSSEIN AL QAESI, ABDULMUTTALEB ABBAS, MOHAMED DHARY YOUSIF EL-JUBOURI „Reality and prospects of organic agriculture in Iraq and neighboring countries” 
7. Ionuț Laurențiu PETRE, Eduard Alexandru DUMITRU „Economic efficiency of leased lands in Romania Lease versus Association” 
8. Elena – Daniela ȘURCĂ „Impact of subsidies in an agricultural exploitation of medium size from vegetable sector” 
9. Ana URSU “The influence of coupled support to the vegetal sector on profitability of crops” 
10. Anca DACHIN, Ana URSU „Sensitivity of gross margin at field crops” 
11. Ruxandra – Eugenia POP „Determinant factors for the level and valorification of wheat production in the European Union” 
12. Eduard Alexandru DUMITRU, Ana-Ruxandra MICU, Dana REBEGA „Analysis regarding the productivity of several corn hybrid species in 2016” 
13. Felicia CHEŢAN, Cornel CHEȚAN, Felicia MURESAN „Determining the technology influence of soy on the soil, production and economic efficiency on Turda area” 
14. Alina ŞIMON, Teodor RUSU „Agrotechnical and economical alternatives for pea culture in Turda area” 
15. Ioan-Niculae ALECU, Gyorgy SZABO, NAGY CAROLY, Irina ANGELESCU„Potato in the agriculture of Covasna County, in the context of mutations within the Romanian agricultural sector” 
16. Viorica GAVRILĂ „The domestic fruit supply – evolutions and trends” 
17. Ioan-Niculae ALECU, NAGY CAROLY, Gyorgy SZABO, Irina ANGELESCU „The developments at worldwide, European and national level in dairy cows sector: Livestock and obtained productions” 
18. Mariana GRODEA “Milk processing and collection in Romania - An analysis across region” 
19. Lidia IURCHEVICI „The milk market after elimination of milk quotes” 
20. Rodica CHETROIU „The production cost of biological material for introducing to fattening in the swine farms” 
21. Cristina – Stefania MATACHE „Economic importance of ensuring the welfare for farm” 
22. Rodica CHETROIU „The food balance dynamics of the poultry meat” 
23. Alin-Angelin IORGA „Definition of terms and presentation of processes regarding the collection, recycling and capitalization of waste packging from agricultural activities” 
24. Daniela Nicoleta BĂDAN „Model of vegetation extensive system of filters used to irrigate crop” 
25. Alin-Angelin IORGA „Legal reglementations in the European Union and Romania regarding collection management, recovery and recycle of the waste packaging” 
26. Catalin VOICA, Corina ENE, Mirela PANAIT “The use of biofuels and bioliquids in the European Union in the context of sustainable development and food security`s constraints” 
27. Daniela Nicoleta BĂDAN, Elena - Daniela ȘURCĂ „Culture of rapeseed in the manufacture of biodiesel”

1. Cristian George POPESCU
 „The analysis of the lifestyle-related risk factors with an impact on human health in Romania” 
2. Violeta STANCIU (CHIRILOAIE) „General overview over the third sector in Romania today” 
3. Lorena Florentina CHIŢEA „Demographic, social and economic implications of rural population aging” 
4. Corina - Georgeta DINCULESCU „The influence of education on rural population employment - regional disparities” 
5. Mihai Alexandru CHIŢEA „Territorial competitiveness in the development region South-East. Case Study: Buzău County” 
6. Violeta STANCIU (CHIRILOAIE)  „Defining the rural area in Romania – Legislative approaches” 
7. Sorinel Ionel BUCUR, Elena Carmen BUCUR  „Rural area of the region south-Muntenia – evolutions and gaps of the socio-economic indicators. Case study: Arges, Dambovita and Prahova counties” 
8. Elena SIMA  „Development and promotion of rural tourism through European funds in Romania” 
9. Lucian TANASĂ, Codrin DINU VASILIU, Ioan Sebastian BRUMĂ, Sebastian DOBOȘ  „Short food supply chains as a meachanism for sustainable study - Târgu-Neamț touristic area” 
10. Elisabeta ROŞU  „Touristic activity in Suceava county” 
11. Eugenia-Dorina CIOBANU(RĂDOI), Manea DRĂGHICI „The touristic and agrotouristic potential of Tulcea County – Romania” 
12. Eduard Alexandru DUMITRU, Ionuț Laurențiu PETRE  „Analysis of agroturistic sector after first national rural development programme (2007 - 2013)” 
13. Daniela Ileana GODJA (DĂNILĂ„Research on the role of economic and social development agroturism in Romania” 
14. Eugenia Dorina CIOBANU (RĂDOI), Petruța Antoneta TUREK-RAHOVEANU  „The importance and evolution of agrotourism in Romania” 
15. Daniela Ileana GODJA (DĂNILĂ)  „Analysis of the financial and economic activity agroturism” 
16. Alina-Mirela MARCU  „Implementation of the LEADER axis of the rural development programmes 2007-2013 in Moldova” 
17. Eugenia-Dorina CIOBANU(RĂDOI), Raluca NECULA  „The tourism and agro-tourism potential analysis in Tulcea County” 
18. Alexandra-Marina BRĂTULESCU  „Comparative study between Netherlands and Romania” 
19. Diana CREȚU  „Innovation process in agro food distribution” 
20. .Raluca NECULA, Mirela STOIAN, Manea DRĂGHICI, Diana NECULA  “The role of the research and development and the number of patents, in the increase of GDP performance in the European Union for the period 2005-2014” 
21. Mirela-Adriana RUSALI ”Key policies and socio-economic growth factors of rural areas in the European Union”

1. Raluca Andreea ION „Models for short vegetables` chain”
2. Iuliana DOBRE „Investment management in associative units”
3. Ancuța MARIN „Short chain – a solution for current capitalization of vegetable production”
4. Ancuța MARIN „Influence of environmental factors – temperature and precipitations – upon the tomatoes crops”